Cristella apple-toffee pastry

A dessert does not need to be huge. A small and delicious bite of an apple and toffee pastry will nourish you at all times. It is a tasty treat to top off your meal and a refreshing snack on its own. The blend of apple and toffee in the crunchy pastry is the most exquisite when the pastry has just come out of oven. Eat and enjoy! And make sure to treat your family...
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Cristella bacon and egg pie

Sometimes you just can not help feeling a pinch of hunger between meals. If you are craving something nice and nourishing (and may no even have a clear idea what)...you may shove a bacon and egg pie to the oven. Well, even two of them. A couple of bites from the delicious pie will cheer you up and get you going again. Do you know that the deep-frozen pastry stays...
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